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Sexual Offenderman X Bartender!Reader- Cut Off

"Another!" A raven haired man at the end of the bar yelled, slamming his empty glass onto the dark wooden counter. His trench coat's collar covered half of his face, curly hair suppressed under his fedora. You glanced over at him. He made a kissy face towards you, taping his empty glass with his finger. A cold chill ran down your spine. The bald and pale man next to him grimaced at his behavior. The man laughed at his friend's expression, who seemed far from amused. Almost dragging your feet, you walked down to where he was seated, taking his glass you filled it and returned it to him quickly.

'Last glass' You thought to yourself.

'Then i'll have to cut him off' you walked away and back to the crowded end of the bar. The man seemed to read your mind as he took small sips of his drink, repeatedly you caught him staring towards you. Slowly his glass emptied again.

"Madame?" The drunken man's friend called, his voice was sober and clear. You walked back over to them, a blank expression on your face.

"Yes sir? What can I get you?" You asked placing both hands-on the smooth counter, the drunk one stared up at you with hazel eyes from under his fedora. Then, rested his chin on his folded arms.

"Nothing, I just wanted to know how much we owe you." He stated clearly, you nodded."I'll be right back" You matched his tone and went to the nearest register and pulled up their tab. It was a total of 78.57$. Quite high for a small bar like yours on the outskirts of town, you printed a receipt and gave it to the bald man. You looked down at the drunk man, he snickered up at you.

"You disgrace me" He grumbled setting the bill down and fishing his wallet from his black suit. You gave a small laugh.

"Why aren't you just adorable" The other man cooed, looking up at you with half-lidded eyes, a sly grin crossed his face. Your eyes narrowed, he winked at you. Rolling your eyes his friend stood and proceeded to pay the bill.

"I apologize for any headaches he may cause" The smooth voice of his friend said calmly."It's fine" you replied taking the bill and money from him, you turned away from them and for only a moment. When you turned back around to face them seeing as he had given you too much money, they were gone.
It would have been impossible for them to leave so quickly, the only exit was at the front of the bar and the other, in the back was locked. After a few moments of confusion, you just let it go. Soon, after a few more hours of work, it was time for you to return home. The bar was wiped dow and the glasses were clean. As you made your way to the front door something had caught your eye.

It was a rose, it laid the exact place the bald man and drunken man were seated. You went over to pick it up, a note was attached to it's perfect stem. On the white paper was scrawled and illegible writing. You held the rose in your hand for a moment, admiring how utterly perfect it was. Bright and vivid red petals and a thornless stem.

"Strange" You said as you sniffed the rose, it was an oddly sweet smell. A small pit formed in your stomach something was not right. That night you took the short way home, no matter how fast you walked something felt off. It was almost like you were being watched.
First post by Pledge! Reader bein' watched and what not.

Part 2:
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wolfgirl2902 Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2015
WARNING! Carry on reading or you'll die from sudden overexposure to chainfail! There was once a little boy named Jack Ass, he was 12-years-old and saw a comment online telling him to copy and paste it all over the internet, but he didn't do it and guess what happened to him and his entire family? NOTHING WHATSOEVER! Do you wanna' risk having that happen to you?! Hurry! In the next ten minutes, copy and paste this to twenty ignoramus noobs who honestly believe in this bullshit! If you do, then crime will stop and dragons will be real! If you don't, then someone will clone Hitler back to life, make him president, and he'll illegalize rainbows!
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VoiceUnheard98 Featured By Owner May 31, 2014  Student General Artist
So smexy had curly hair...he's in his human form isn't he? And whose the bald Guy then? But please continue this when you're ready I love it so far. :)
Aizens-girl Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I think the bald guy was supposed to be slender... Maybe.
(I'm not teh author, so I can't say without a doubt it was slender.
Could just be a bald guy. Maybe .)
R4nd0mRe4ds Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'd guess it would be slendy
VoiceUnheard98 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014  Student General Artist
Hm yeah now that you mention it it does seem to be him
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